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Galvanic Treatments Devices are the HOTTEST thing going!!

Hello. My name is Amanda. I love to research and try new things and am quite good at finding the GOLDEN needle in the haystack, affordably, even. If it has to do with health and wealth, I'm already on it! So...welcome to my most recent review and recommendation. I think that you'll be most pleased with this product (a Galvanic facial device) and the technology behind it.

I am happy to share my review of this AMAZING product, almost to good to be true.. It's the deal, and results we are always looking for in the beauty (anti-aging) industry but that we just can't seem to find, until NOW.... you judge for yourself... I did and my verdict is in and I'm pleased to say it's a very positive one!

Can I say WOW!?!

O.K. Here's the scoop. Just over a month ago, I had someone come to my house and give me and my mother a hands on demonstration of a galvanic microcurrent ionic device for the skin (not just your face.) The results were simply amazing, in just ONE session.

Would you believe me if I told you that there is a little device that irons out wrinkles, helps you to defy gravity, turns back time, deletes cellulite and has been shown to re-grow hair?

••• AKA The “Wrinkle Iron”, “Facial/Body Gym” & “Baby Boomer’s Best-friend.”•••
Really. No lasers. No chemicals. No surgery. No injections. No plugs. It works. Using Nano technology, these hand-held Galvanic devices do wonders. They are a wrinkle iron for the face and body. After you see the results, it lifts your spirits! It is all the rage in Europe, Japan and Korea and is now finally available in the United States.


For over 50 years, spa professionals have used galvanic current in customized treatments to refresh and energize the skin. Through a gentle massaging action, this current helps focus cellular energy and enhance circulation. The results of these treatments are amazing! However, these treatments have been reserved for the 'elite upper class' until now. Treatment Centers and Salons charge from $125.00-$350.00 for galvanic treatments depending on your location. Now, with several DIY handheld galvanic models available, you can do your own galvanic treatments in the privacy of your home within minutes, 2-3 times per week, VERY economically.

These devices are finally available and affordable to us in a home spa kit in the U.S.! So, now we can get these SAME beneficial treatments in the convenience of our own homes. My mom (67) and I have been doing it for over 30 days. Well, actually we had her be the primary guinea pig since we only bought one machine (they are still a little pricey if you buy them retail through a MLM company like we did, but I have done some research and found them and the supplemental products MUCH cheaper online. You can get these galvanic 'skin lift' devices and related products at wholesale prices, here. I am absolutely blown away by the results on my mom's neck alone!! It's absolutely incredible. It looks JUST like she went out and had plastic surgery!! I myself (almost 40) have had a few galvanic treatments and have notice the lines around my eyes completely disappear, my face lift and tighten, the smoothness of my skin is just unbelievable. What really amazes me too, is that my pores actually have shrunk more than anything, ever, has made them even come close to doing before. Your skin becomes almost 'translucent' and glowing.
Now, here is the best part.. You can use this little anti-aging device on ANY PART of your body!! Got cellulite? stretch marks? flabby skin that has lost it's tone? Do you have skin that 'hangs loose from child birth?? GET THIS DEVICE, you'll probably get teary eyed at the results!! This little device DELIVERS! It's not another magic potion 'let down', this is the real deal!
Is it safe? Well...
  • These personal 'home face lift' devices are in over 46 Countries and NOW in America!
  • Medical Professionals & Celebrities Worldwide are using the Galvanic microcurrent devices
  • Sophia Loren has been using galvanic current for over 50 years, is now 73 and looks fabulous; She has NEVER had plastic surgery.
  • Nicole Kidman swears by her Galvanic treatments. She says she doesn't make a red carpet appearance without a treatment first.
  • One of the major MLM galvanic device companies was also recently advertised on NBC’s Today Show, Mar 2008.
(UPDATE TO THIS post, between my mom and I, we have now used/reviewed three different galvanic devices. All three models produced similar immediate results. There was a $100 price difference between the two personal models, and the professional level galvanic device was over $1,200! So, I am including updated links below to the DIY galvanic treatment devices that offer AFFORDABLE amazing results, at a fraction of the cost of the professional galvanic treatments/units.)

By the way, you can use these 'home spas' for:
  • FACE (facials/facelifts)
  • HAIR/SCALP (re-grow/thickens natural hair)
  • BODY (breaks up cellulite/fat, tones loose skin, helps treat stretch marks)
These devices “Energize your Complexion”. The ionic gels you can buy help increase circulation and cellular energy. Pre-Treatment Facial Gels are also available remove impurities so pores can breathe. Treatment Facial Gel facilitates recovery from stress and calms and revives skin.
The ionic face/body gels work with Galvanic instruments to minimize and smooth the appearance of cellulite. This at-home spa treatment concentrates cellular energy to target pockets of fat and toxins for a more toned, firm appearance.
Both Men and Women see immediate results and the more often they use it -- the longer the results last. Teens love it for acne, Younger adults love it for clear bright complexion and older adults love it for anti-aging.

Everyone is amazed by the results. Many cosmetic and plastic surgeons who inject Botox and Fillers at their clinics use Galvanic microcurrent treatments to complement their work because it actually lifts sagging skin. Botox DOES NOT lift sagging skin.

Let's face it..with life, comes stress. Men, Women and now children have found galvanic current to be helpful in relieving daily stress and daily pain in all parts of the body. Galvanic microcurrent treatments can help you look and feel great!
These galvanic devices give you professional spa treatments right at home—no appointment necessary. Rejuvenate your complexion, revitalize your scalp, and refine your body with Galvanic treatments at home! I give these devices an A+ and highly recommend getting one. If you want to treat yourself to one of these devices, just click here and look for the best deal, personally I lean towards NuFace models (but I think others will work similarly.)
Other reviews from Galvanic home users:
Wrinkles Away by anonymous
Honestly I was freaked out when my friend first told me about this product, but she let me try hers many times and I was shocked with the results. It's been helpful in reduciing my wrinkles after only awhile of use, I can't wait to see the results after long term use. It's expensive but worth it.
Excellent Product - Better than Botox
I started using this product once a week around 3 months ago and friends and family are telling me I look years younger. The stimulation has increased my reproduction of collegen around my mouth, eyes, chin and forehead. Lines are slowly reducing. The lines on my forehead are gone! Highly recommend if used religiously.
T. Dassing

I have been using Nuface for 2 years now and I will continue to be a NuFace user for years to come. Every time I get a compliment on how wonderful my skin looks, I smile and say thank you, but I didn't do it alone....I always tell them about NuFace. I am always taken to be 7-10 years younger than my true age and decided years ago that I would much rather pay a little here and there to keep my face looking young and radiant so that I would never have to pay the thousands it costs for a facelift. Im happy to say, that decision was the best one I ever made!!!
Jan Dehesh
CEO, Dehesh International

Over the years, I have tried many things to help my skin look healthy. Now, well into my 50's, I also need to help my skin look firm! I have been using the NuFace for the last several weeks. I see a dramatic difference in the skin on my neck, cheeks and forehead. NuFace is easy to use and with just 5 minutes in the morning, I have toned my whole face. The NuFace technology is the state-of-the-art in health care. It understands our busy lives and our desires to look our best. It is worth adding to your beauty routine...I am confident you will be thrilled with the results.
Dr. Sandra Williams

I hope this review and information is helpful to you. I would personally say it's been a long, long, time since we've had anything THIS GOOD hit the market!
Also, You might want to comparison shop on Amazon too (Another great source for online savings): Galvanic Deals on Amazon!

Wishing you great health and wealth!

Amanda Buckley

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